How we Create our Digital Pet Portraits

Our finished digital pet portrait of a falling cat

When searching for a unique pet portrait, there can often be the hidden cost of postage to consider. However, with the new digital pet portraits from West Midlands creative company Paws To Paint, expensive postal charges are a thing of the past as we deliver your digital painting to you via email free of charge!

So, how do we create a digital portrait of your beloved pet? The process is, in fact, quite similar to painting using traditional mediums such as watercolours, oils or acrylics. Unlike some other pet portrait companies, we don’t simply apply a paint-like filter in Photoshop to your original photograph. Each portrait is drawn and painted by hand using a graphics tablet and the fantastic artistic tools available in this professional graphic design software.

Creating a Digital Pet Portrait

The first stage in creating a digital portrait of your pet is to sketch the outline. We do this using a small brush in Photoshop using a colour which stands out against the background.

In this example, we’ve drawn a falling cat as part of an art project taking place on the popular social media site, Twitter.

The finished piece will eventually form part of a digital collage, with our cat taking his place among other cats and dogs drawn by other Twitter artists.

The theme, in case you hadn’t guessed, was ‘raining cats and dogs’ – a fair description of the British summer!

Adding Local Colour to our Digital Pet Portrait

Once we’re happy with the drawing or lineart, we then begin applying areas of local colour – just as you would do if using traditional painting methods.

The cat in our painting is black and white, so we used a larger brush to block in areas of flat colour to use as the basis for more detailed digital painting.

After this, we were ready to begin applying more subtle shades and detailed brushwork to our digital pet portrait.

Painting the fur Digitally

To create realistic-looking fur, we used a series of different brush strokes in Photoshop, carefully blending them in to create a kitty you can’t wait to stroke!

In this close-up, you can see all the detail that goes into creating our digital pet portraits.

Furry Finishing Touches

To finish off our digital cat painting, we paid special attention to areas such as the eyes, tail, nose and fur. We carefully added highlights and blended brush strokes to finish off our cat’s luxurious fur coat.

Finally, we ended up with a digital pet portrait that looked realistic and had the ‘wow’ factor we always insist on.

Why not contact Paws To Paint today to order your digital pet portrait? Each digital painting is delivered as a high-resolution .jpg file – meaning you can print it out at whatever size you wish!


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