Meet Timmy Kitten – The Latest Addition To Our Gallery

When painting Timmy, I made sure I captured the cheeky glint in his eye!

Meet Timmy, the latest addition to the gallery here at Paws to Paint. This cheeky little scamp is full of fun and is always ready to play!

When painting him, I needed to make sure I’d captured that playful glint in his eye so his owner would have a portrait to be proud of.

Starting off with a pencil drawing, I used washes of watercolour and gouache to achieve just the right fluffiness in this cheeky scamp’s fur.

The paws were an area I paid particular attention to

Areas I paid particular attention to included the fur on his back, which was a combination of dark, almost black, with some lighter, almost ginger strands of colour.

I also made sure to make the ears and feet suitably large, as these are the parts of a cat’s body which indicate the size our feline friend will eventually grow to.


Then, once I was happy with the result, I added a few layers of glaze to give the painting a nice sheen. After this, I painted in the backdrop – a large, comfortable blanket that I’m sure Timmy spends a great deal of time sleeping on!

The end result is a painting of one very cute kitty which Timmy’s owner was overjoyed with! Contact Paws to Paint today to commission a portrait in any medium of your pet.


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