Stuck for a unique, affordable gift? Why not commission your own digital pet portrait?


Spencer – a digital pet portrait

Choosing the right gift for a loved one can be tricky, especially when that special person appears to have everything! However, a unique pet portrait by Paws To Paint could be the answer – after all, it’s a timeless memento they’ll cherish and enjoy for many years.

We’re based in Sedgley, West Midlands, but can deliver to anywhere in the UK and Europe with our shipping cost guarantee – the price you pay for postage is the price we pay at the Post Office and not a penny more!

People love their pets and here at Paws To Paint, we understand how the personalities of cats, dogs and other furry friends help enrich lives on a daily basis. Once we’ve received your picture via email or post, we’ll work hard to capture your pet’s personality and create a finished portrait that sums them up purr-fectly.

Pet portraits in traditional or digital media

We create our unique pet portraits using traditional media such as pencils, watercolours, oils and acrylics but we can also provide you with digital art, too. These are produced by hand using a graphics tablet and Photoshop, where we build up layers of colour and texture just as you would do with paper or canvas.

Take a look at the painting here of a fluffy white cat called Spencer. The texture of his fur looks real enough to run your fingers through! This amazingly realistic effect is achieved by carefully blending different hues and building up the texture with complex brushwork.

Many people think commissioning a portrait is expensive, yet our unique art starts from as little as £50 including postage! Therefore, next time you’re stuck for a unique, affordable gift to buy for a loved one, why not drop us an email  to see what we can do for you?

Purrfect New Pet Portrait For Charity Raffle

The finished pet portrait in acrylic of the two cats, Casper and Herbert

Paws to Paint was delighted when a Northampton-based children’s charity got in touch recently and asked us to donate a pet portrait as a raffle prize to raise funds for their vital work.

Lisa Day, who works tirelessly to raise awareness of a rare form of childhood cancer called neuroblastoma, asked for our help and we were only too happy to oblige. After some consideration, Paws to Paint decided to produce a unique pet portrait from a photo for the lucky prize-winner and, a few weeks later, received an email from Jim Parry in Wellingborough requesting an acrylic painting on canvas of his two adorable cats, Casper and Herbert.

Using the photograph he’d sent, Paws to Paint got to work, first creating a detailed line drawing to work from. Then, we began the all-important painting stage, first adding areas of local colour before applying more detailed brush strokes.

Because both cats are black, it was a question of looking closely at the various hues in their fur and adding areas of contrasting blue-greys and darker shades to create an eye-catching composition. We also tried to capture their unique, playful character and sparkling green eyes. Finally, layers of glaze were added to the pet portrait to give it a highly attractive sheen.

Amazing Pet Portraits To Put a Smile on Your Face

Once finished, the pet portrait was packaged securely with bubblewrap and cardboard before being posted first class to the lucky recipient, Jim, who emailed back to say: “It’s amazing – so like Casper and Herbert. I love it!”

Lisa’s campaign has attracted a great deal of attention since it began in 2010, with celebrities such as Jonathan Ross pledging their support. Since then, the charity has gone on to raise much-needed funds for youngsters battling with this aggressive form of cancer and raise awareness of their plight.

So far, the charity has raised more than £7,000, which will go towards helping two boys battling this terrible disease. Since the necessary treatments are usually either unavailable or unaffordable in the UK, children suffering with neuroblastoma often have to go to the USA or Europe to get the life-saving treatment they need.

Email her to find out more about her work and help raise money for other children affected by neuroblastoma.

And, with Christmas on the horizon, why not contact us at Paws to Paint for a unique pet portrait painted in digital, watercolour, acrylics, pastels, gouache or oils? We’re based in Sedgley, West Midlands, but can deliver to anywhere in the world. And, there are special introductory offers for all new customers.

How we Create our Digital Pet Portraits

Our finished digital pet portrait of a falling cat

When searching for a unique pet portrait, there can often be the hidden cost of postage to consider. However, with the new digital pet portraits from West Midlands creative company Paws To Paint, expensive postal charges are a thing of the past as we deliver your digital painting to you via email free of charge!

So, how do we create a digital portrait of your beloved pet? The process is, in fact, quite similar to painting using traditional mediums such as watercolours, oils or acrylics. Unlike some other pet portrait companies, we don’t simply apply a paint-like filter in Photoshop to your original photograph. Each portrait is drawn and painted by hand using a graphics tablet and the fantastic artistic tools available in this professional graphic design software.

Creating a Digital Pet Portrait

The first stage in creating a digital portrait of your pet is to sketch the outline. We do this using a small brush in Photoshop using a colour which stands out against the background.

In this example, we’ve drawn a falling cat as part of an art project taking place on the popular social media site, Twitter.

The finished piece will eventually form part of a digital collage, with our cat taking his place among other cats and dogs drawn by other Twitter artists.

The theme, in case you hadn’t guessed, was ‘raining cats and dogs’ – a fair description of the British summer!

Adding Local Colour to our Digital Pet Portrait

Once we’re happy with the drawing or lineart, we then begin applying areas of local colour – just as you would do if using traditional painting methods.

The cat in our painting is black and white, so we used a larger brush to block in areas of flat colour to use as the basis for more detailed digital painting.

After this, we were ready to begin applying more subtle shades and detailed brushwork to our digital pet portrait.

Painting the fur Digitally

To create realistic-looking fur, we used a series of different brush strokes in Photoshop, carefully blending them in to create a kitty you can’t wait to stroke!

In this close-up, you can see all the detail that goes into creating our digital pet portraits.

Furry Finishing Touches

To finish off our digital cat painting, we paid special attention to areas such as the eyes, tail, nose and fur. We carefully added highlights and blended brush strokes to finish off our cat’s luxurious fur coat.

Finally, we ended up with a digital pet portrait that looked realistic and had the ‘wow’ factor we always insist on.

Why not contact Paws To Paint today to order your digital pet portrait? Each digital painting is delivered as a high-resolution .jpg file – meaning you can print it out at whatever size you wish!

Meet Timmy Kitten – The Latest Addition To Our Gallery

When painting Timmy, I made sure I captured the cheeky glint in his eye!

Meet Timmy, the latest addition to the gallery here at Paws to Paint. This cheeky little scamp is full of fun and is always ready to play!

When painting him, I needed to make sure I’d captured that playful glint in his eye so his owner would have a portrait to be proud of.

Starting off with a pencil drawing, I used washes of watercolour and gouache to achieve just the right fluffiness in this cheeky scamp’s fur.

The paws were an area I paid particular attention to

Areas I paid particular attention to included the fur on his back, which was a combination of dark, almost black, with some lighter, almost ginger strands of colour.

I also made sure to make the ears and feet suitably large, as these are the parts of a cat’s body which indicate the size our feline friend will eventually grow to.


Then, once I was happy with the result, I added a few layers of glaze to give the painting a nice sheen. After this, I painted in the backdrop – a large, comfortable blanket that I’m sure Timmy spends a great deal of time sleeping on!

The end result is a painting of one very cute kitty which Timmy’s owner was overjoyed with! Contact Paws to Paint today to commission a portrait in any medium of your pet.

Unique digital pet portraits make great Christmas gifts

Looking for a unique gift this Christmas? How about a digital portrait of a pet or loved one? These stylish portraits are not simply a photo filtered in Photoshop – each one is drawn by hand then coloured in digitally to create a unique image. Each portrait retails at £25 and what’s more, there’s no delivery charge! Order one today enclosing your email address – we’ll then send you a high-res jpg file for you to print out in any size you require! Contact us at for more information. Merry Christmas! :)

Personalised pet portraits for Christmas

The front of each paws card features a hand painted portrait of a loved one's pet

With Christmas just around the corner, choosing a special gift for a loved one can be difficult.

But furr not! Paws to Paint has got the festive season all wrapped up with its new personalised pet portrait service which allows you to create a truly unique gift.

Our new ‘paws cards’ are designed with you in mind. The front features a watercolour/gouache painting of a favourite pet (and a festive message if you wish) while the rear features the name and address of the lucky recipient, together with your personalised message. We’ll even alter the date on the postage ‘stamp’ to represent your loved one’s special day!

The rear of each paws card features a cute, personalised 'stamp', your loved one's address and a personalised message

These cute cards, which measure 175mm wide x 125mm high, would make a purr-fect present for any occasion.

Each unique, hand painted card retails at £30 or $46, so represents an affordable gift that’s certain to provide pleasure for many years to come.

Get in touch and order your personlised pet portrait  today! :)

These cats are getting in the Halloween spirit

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No self-respecting witch would be seen without her cat and these cute kitties are getting into the Halloween spirit by donning a witch’s hat each and posing for a portrait.

However, they seem to have an imposter in their midst – a cheeky pumpkin carved to look like a cat!

This painting would look great on your wall during the Halloween period or at any other time of year.

There’s no trickery here – just a real treat for you and your family to enjoy.

Get in touch if you’d like to purchase this painting or commission one of your own pets getting into the Halloween spirit :)

About the artist

Chris Davies can create a unique portrait of your family members

Hi, my name’s Chris Davies and as well as being an artist and writer, I’m also the owner of four cats, three rabbits, two chickens and two guinea pigs!

I love to capture the essence and character of my subjects, whether they be two-legged, four-legged and furry or of any other description!

Get in touch today and see how a unique portrait can make a thoughful and inspired present you’ll be able to enjoy for many years to come :)